Hi my name is Lindsay and this is my blog.

Well, what a strange year this has been so far. I imagine being on lock down with not a lot of human contact affects us all very differently. Some of us are constantly at Home with nothing new to do or look forward to day after day and others who are on the front line are forced to work in frankly scary circumstances for too many hours. It seems very much to be an unfair division of labour at the moment. I am one of the people currently confined to home after being furloughed from a full time, high stress job. 

From the very start I had decided that the only way to stay sane was to set myself a timetable of activities and being the kind of person that I am, I aimed to be busy for every day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays. In my first week of lock down I was heavily into fitness and walking, I was creating culinary delights that I normally never had time for, dancing alone in front of the television or bending into yoga shapes, that quite frankly I feel the human body is not designed to do. After a week of full-on exercise, a wrecked back and Sonny-the-dog refusing to get up early for long walks anymore, I had to trade part of the fitness routine for something else. This something else was studying, another passion of mine. I decided that I would take every course that I could find relating to saving the planet, this was something I had always wanted to be passionate about but never quite had the time! These courses made me think deeply about the world and what we were doing to it. I decided to combine it with my other project, soap making, I would try to set up a small business making soaps and cosmetics while sourcing from ecologically friendly sites, using only products that were Vegan or Vegetarian, and definitely not tested on animals. The packaging would have to be planet friendly too. I found a band of Merry Testers spread across the country who were prepared to give feedback and make suggestions on packaging, perfumes and products always with a 'green and good life' at the foremost of their minds. 

And so 'Just Soap' was born. This is the website. This is the beginning of the journey.